Chris May

Portfolios : Encaustic Paintings     Artist Statement

This is a series of enaustic paintings that incorporate pseudo-medical science, digital imagery, organic shapes and textures, and both natureal and man-made materials within melted layers of wax and color. These pieces are a unique exploration of the realtionship of nature, beauty, and aesthetics with technology and science.

3 Squared

Blue Cicada

Bangers and Mash

Blue Polyisoprene

The Glass Planet



Verdigris Lengua

Blue Hole 01


Seven-Pegged Landscape




SOLD - Galvanic Skin Response

SOLD -  Mare Nubium

Avian Landscape #3

SOLD - Chaotic Inflation of Deuterium

SOLD - Wheeling in the Widening Gyre

SOLD - Mature Teratoma


The Start of Another 8 Hours

1060 Turn One

The Smoke Tree

Seven Buck String Theory

Boyle's Law Undone

SOLD - Language of the Verdigris

Cellulose Splinter

The Scattering

The Gathering

Cylinder Of Nabonidus

Common Markers

Avogadro's Number

SOLD -  Marlows Boat