Chris May

Portfolios : Cyanospheres      Artist Statement

The Cyanosphere series consist of unique cyanotype photograms combined with both traditional and non-traditional artist materials to form mixed media pieces. The common presence throughout the series is the cyanotype image in the shape of a circle. Closer observation reveals that the circles are containers, holding objects, sometimes distinct, other times amorphous. The images deliberately invoke an idea of science, be it scientific observation and documentation, pseudo-science, or science fiction. The simple shape of a circle (sphere) can become a stand-in for molecules, simple-celled organisms, persons, spaceships, or even galaxies. While I try to direct the viewer towards the narrative I see in the image with my titles, the simple geometry allows people to bring any interpretation to the image and create their own story.

Variation: Multiples

Transfinite Induction


Variation: Acrylics

Stroboscopic Sheilds


Celestial Navigation #2

Digital (the in and the out)

Variation: Copper

Air Gap

Intraocular Lens Folding

Interlacing of the Collimated Beam

Center of Curvature

The Pulfrich Effect is a Psychophysical Percept

Variation: Vertical

Studying the Decay of Elementary Particles

If Other Steroids Were Present

Mercator Projection

Hormone Cartography

Axonometric Projection


Hyponatremia, certainly

Norepinephrine–Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor

Cosmic Orgone Engineering


Schwarzschild Metric

Avian Magnetoreception

Ruhmkorff's Apparatus

Pseudo-Riemannian Manifold

Beef, Sheep, Pig

The Stag's Parabolic Musings

Soft Gamma Repeater

Luneburg Lens Projector

The Implied Square of the Group of Five

Troubled Sines

The Penumbra of Insight

Plasma Supported Chemical Vapor Deposition