Chris May

Portfolios : Cyanospheres

The Stag's Parabolic Musings

Studying the Decay of Elementary Particles

Soft Gamma Repeater

Mass Moment of Inertia

Luneburg Lens Projector

Relativistic Beaming

Future Decree of Canopus

Shadetree Orbital Mechanics

Bezoar's Twin Ice Moons

The Implied Square of the Group of Five


Ra Ra Ra

Cepheid Variable in the Hubble Constant

Hydrogen Embrittlement

Troubled Sines

Travels Above the Ecliptic Plane

The Penumbra of Insight

Telophase Reduction

Regular Kintsugi Reagent

Practical Helioseismology

Plasma Supported Chemical Vapor Deposition

Piercing The Barrier 2 (Thoughtfulness)

Piercing The Barrier 1

How To Arrange Three Circles Without Makeing A Face 1

Exposed Nucleus

Exomoon Orbit At L1

Escape Into Darkness

Defying Dendrologists Determination

Constellation Navigation

Cloud Condensation Nuclei

Celestial Cartography Constellation #1

Brodcast At A Dirty Amplitude