Chris May

Portfolios : Concrete    Artist Statement

Concrete has been in use since the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman empires and has become one of the world’s most ubiquitous building materials. As such it has become part of the modern landscape and is easily overlooked. Human influence is ever-present in concrete as concrete is poured into man-made shapes or molds. Over time, concrete can acquire a patina from exposure to nature, chemicals, or human hands.

This body of work finds beauty in concrete’s intersection with nature and humans. Engineer’s markings, cars scraping the surface, trash caught in crevices, or the juxtaposition of concrete against a blue sky — some being random occurrences, others being planned, or even calculated — all become brush strokes on the concrete canvas. 

Using concrete as my subject matter is also a reminder that there is beauty all around us. One does not need to go to some over-Instagrammed location to find beauty; all one must do is to truly see the world around them.